With over twenty years experience writing a wide range of material, I have the skills needed to help you or your company’s writing needs.  I offer three different writing services, including:

Grant and Bid Writing

I can work with you to write your grant and tender applications, or rewrite those already drafted (a more affordable option for smaller organisations or individuals). I have worked on over 200 grants, tenders, and proposals over the last ten years, maintaining a 65% success rate against an industry average of 47%. My work has included support for vulnerable adults, community-based projects, start-ups in the energy and food industries, and art-related activities. I produce clear, concise and convincing arguments based on a funder’s requirements.

Business Writing

I have over twenty-years experience writing plans, policies and procedures for a wide range of organisations including those in the IT, entertainment, education, recruitment, energy and charity sectors. I am able to adapt my style to the industry and follow company style guides, e.g. language and layout.

Blog Posts and Article Writing

As a blog writer for the past three years, I can write your blog posts and/or articles for you, focusing on lifestyle (health, fitness, beauty, cooking, and books) as well as business (e.g., leadership and management). My style is generally informal/friendly but I can adapt this based on your needs. My posts include SEO words and images (on request – there may be additional costs for these).